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Michelle McGee Hot Strip Video Release
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CelebrityGossip New&Picture - Michelle McGee
Written by mangthjik riche   
Tuesday, 23 March 2010 11:09
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Truth be told. Michelle McGee has a stripping video.Michelle McGee, also known as Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee is in the news for quiet some days after her alleged affair with Jesse James, the husband of Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock. Unknown to many, she is also known as Avery the stripper to some. The Fetish Model has two children and allegedly she has been taking her clothes off in San Diego area clubs for quite some time.

I was just wandering why people are so curious about this girl. Does this girl look gorgeous? No. Does she have any other extraordinary capability? Of course Not. Is it because of her tattoos? Probably Not. Then I found that people may be actually curious about her because people like to see the girl who caused the Jesse James Sandra Bullock Split. What is in her that could possibly distract Jesse James from his beautiful wife? People are trying to find the answer to these questions as I was. Anyway, they think that the stripping video of Michelle McGee at a popular San Diego strip joint may provide the long-searched answer of why did Jesse James case the split with ever charming Sandra Bullock.

The stripping video of Michelle Bombshell McGee was shot at Pure Platinum in San Diego about a week ago, as reported by TMZ (which is also the source of the video). The video was edited to blur important anatomical details but it may still be NSFW depending on the prudeness at your workplace.

Credit to TMZ

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