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Tiger Woods Mistress Theresa Rogers Tried To Have His Baby
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CelebrityGossip New&Picture - Tiger Woods
Written by mangthjik riche   
Saturday, 19 December 2009 12:09
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Theresa Rogers is 48 years old and during the years she was involved with Tiger, Radar’s sources said that she was ‘actively’ trying to get impregnated. Theresa Rogers did give birth to a child and reports state that she is not sure who the father is and suspected that Tiger Woods may be the father.

She was also reported to be seeing several people at the same time, including Tiger Woods, her husband, and a Serbian basketball player. There is a photo on Radar of Theresa holding a baby, but the child in the image looks very light-skinned. Since Tiger Woods fathered two children with his fair-skinned Swedish wife, it would seem that another child with a Caucasian woman would result in a child with coloring similar to those of his own children.

Though Radar Online has reported the story, at this time there is no conclusive evidence or proof that Tiger Woods fathered a love child with Theresa Rogers, or any of his other alleged mistresses.

What is a fact is that Tiger Woods fathered two children with his wife, Elin and spent a great deal of his time away from his family indulging in activities that focused on ‘infidelity.’ People reports that Elin is through with Tiger Woods and that a divorce is 100% certain.

this picture of Theres Rogers with baby from radar.


source : radar

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Last Updated on Saturday, 19 December 2009 12:23