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No other antivirus able to cope with viral exhaustive
computer, either local or foreign, which many in Indonesia spread
as good and as safe as PCMAV.

Generally there is only the antivirus is able to identify and delete files
bervirus detected. PCMAV refine the level of accuracy
detection is higher, so it is more reliable in
restore files, documents and systems were targeted attacks
virus to recover 100%.

With PCMAV, you will get the antivirus software that is not simply
detected but a formidable force capable of hunting basminya 99.9% virus
known up to the "root", without causing damage to the
the infected files or systems.

Unique combination of features and accuracy and caring for
safety systems, files and documents you are, give perfection a
PCMAV antivirus on.

In every edition of the latest PC Media Magazine, published every month,
we are constantly improving this PCMAV with capabilities and features
for the sake of making a new antivirus PCMAV as appropriate requirement
You, faithful readers of PC Media Magazine. And become the pride of Indonesia.

file icon AVZ4 Portable Antivirushot!Tooltip 08/27/2009 Hits: 2566

AVZ4 Is antivirus made in Russian, It was develope by Kapersky Antivirus Developer.

It's come with many tools than standart antivirus. like monitoring system process,registry editor,autorun manger,TCP/UDP port Viewer.

I am really recomend this tools to analize and unlock computer from unknow virus.

Here some new improvement in Version 4.32:


Anti-virus utility AVZ - 4.32. An archive with a utility database contains viruses from 21.08.2009 2378 71 Signature, 2 neyroprofilya, 56 microprograms treatment, 374 firmware heuristics, 9 ISP firmware, firmware 115 to identify and correct problems that 135,522 signatures sound files. The new version contains a number of radical improvements and enhancements.
Major modifications:
[+++] Scripting language: improved cleaning system, added
some new commands (IsWow64, GetAttr, SetAttr,
GetFileVersion, RegKeyResetSecurity ...)
[+++] Manager startup - added an analysis of several new
unconventional methods of startup, support for these
methods shall be applied to heuristic cleaning system (LSA
Providers, Perfomance DLL service, DLL extension
services, extension services EventLog)
[+++] XML Protocol - The output of the information in it
greatly expanded and standardized under optimizirvoana
automatic processing (output added wizards, anti-rootkit,
manager SPI)
[+++] New wizard in the wizard to identify and correct the
problem - "Cleaning System" is designed to clean the debris
in the system (temporary files, caches and various
[+] Autorun Manager - Startup Scan keys and startup
folders for all accounts, with automatic removal of
[+] Extensions Manager IE - Added handling of new types
of extensions, improved removal of BHO from a script,
extended stored in the XML information
[+] Extensions Manager Explorer - Added handling of new
types of extensions
[+ +] HTML protocol - added new interactive features
(remove BHO, stopping processes, deleting keys autorun)
[+] Updated the port manager TCP / UPD - added support
for Vista, W2K8, Windows 7
[+] Changed the ideology of removing files and registry
keys. In the case of unsuccessful
delete tries to reset the access privileges to the object and
repeated attempts to remove
[+] Investigation of the system - added support for an
expanded study of the system to record data in XML,
procedures to enhance the study are stored in the updated

Visit Original AVZ4 Home Page For Update :