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ReRack Sever Xeon For ISO 2008
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News - it-stuff
Written by mangthjik riche   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 14:33
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Xeon?....What Is Xeon?

According to Wiki ,The Xeon is a brand of multiprocessing- or multi-package-capable x86 microprocessors from Intel Corporation targeted at the non-consumer server, workstation and embedded system markets.

My company last month just upgrade their ISO system to 2008,so that IT Dept must included to. I just want to take a look close to my server.

Server Specification

Prcessor: Xeon Quad core E5420 code name:"Harpertown" X 2 Speed 2,5 GHhz

RAM      : ICC 4 Gb

But.. take alook old place of server.. with high price computer but with no rack:p ha ha ha so mesh. :)

ha ha ha you may say what ever or LOL :p but that condition,we just need performance :p

but take look below now.



Yeah...It's much better.. with this expensive rack , it's cost Rp.8.000.000,-

he he he take look in side this sever. Oh yeah, I don't buy branded Server, but I deploy it self. :)

1. Below Global Hardware Inside Xeon Server.

2. This is The Brain ( Xeon quad Core E5420)


3.This the heart of server. RAM 2 Pcs ICC 2GBx2DIMM

4.Storage or Hardisk. 4 Sata Hardisk 500Gb + 4 Slot Removeable HotSwap Drive 6 Slot



The last One... Bios Post message. 2 processor with 4 core so it's mean 8 Processor :P


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