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Tutorial How to Install Map img To Mapsource
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News - it-stuff
Written by mangthjik riche   
Thursday, 23 July 2009 14:37
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Basic knowledge FAQ
1. Q: What is Mapsource ?
A: Mapsource is a program which develop by garmin to communicate to garmin gps device, such as transfer POI data, Track data, and Route from Garmin to
Local computer.

2. Q: So haw to do it ?
A : Basically many free tools in internet to help us install it manually. I will help to make this with the easy may to understand the flow how to it. because many
tools come with little help or instruction.

3. Q: Is it the same map which use in Garmin Xt with the map which use for Mapsource?
A: Basically it’s same, but different. Garmin Xt use the map from Mapsource which
had compile and joined. So in reverse order. If we want to use Garmin Xt map ,we
must reverse it first so the Mapsource can understand it.

4. Q: Ohhh… I C…so the file gmapsupp.img is not for the Mapsoure does it ?
A: Yeppp. That right brother  he he he gmapsupp.img is for garmin xt and the file
such numeric format like e.g.: 12345678.img is for Mapsource

5. Q: Where I can get the numeric.img map?
A: You can get it by extract the gmapsupp.img from garmin xt or use map which
made custom from other people for some area.

6. Q: Let start warming up bro…
A: Yes.. First of all we need some program to do it.

1. cgpsmapper find it from
2. mapset toolkit find it from
3. Gmaptool find it from
4. or You can find all the necessary file in 1 pack in attached file

and for the rest complete Tutorial find in attached file

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FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (tools_mapsource.part1.rar)tools_map_source_P1 1423 Kb
Download this file (tools_mapsource.part2.rar)tools_map_source_P2 1123 Kb
Download this file (Tutorial_Install_Map_For_MapSource.pdf)Tutorial4mapsource 682 Kb

Last Updated on Monday, 31 August 2009 09:26