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Bat/Batch File for Auto delete temp or Unwanted file tipe at server data
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Freeware Software - System Optimizer
Written by mangthjik riche   
Monday, 07 June 2010 15:52
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This tutorial how to Create Batch/ Bat file to perform auto search and delete temporary and specific file.

As a system administrator, I am currently facing a common problem with large data storage by the user. users typically save files that have nothing to do with work on the server storage. even though the company policy already prohibits stored other files than the working file on the server.
files. mp3 to .3gp and. bak lots meet the server. to handle it I make a batch file that automatically perform searches and the removal of these files.

so here is the code and save in notepad and save as.  "filenameyouwant".bat then execute to run it


Echo Now Deleting Scrap Drive D ,HomeA Location !!!
del *.bak /s /a
del *.mp3 /s /a
del *.rm /s /a
del *.rmvb /s /a
del *.bak /s /a
del *.wav /s /a
del *.mp4 /s /a
del *.tmp /s /a
del *.avi /s /a
Echo Completing  Home A Cleanup 100%


D: mean move to drive D . this can be change to what drive you want to clean

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 June 2010 14:59